Quarter Beef Bundle


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Do you want to buy in bulk, but find yourself confused with terms like “hanging weight”? Pricing quarters and halves makes our heads spin, too. We created bundles as we wanted to find a good way to give the customer a set price on bulk beef.

When buying a bundle, you will know how many pounds of wrapped meat you will get, and forget about having to talk to a butcher or fill out a cut sheet. Want more ground beef and less roasts? Do you prefer one cut of steak but don’t use another? Requests are welcome!

Our beef meets the standards of the Quality Highland Beef program. All animals processed are at least half Highland.

Quarter Beef Bundle:

Ground Beef
Chuck Roast
Rib Eye Steaks
New York Strip Steaks
Sirloin Steaks
Stew Meat
Soup Bones

Ground beef is in 1 lb packages
Steaks and Roasts are vacuum sealed
All meat is USDA inspected and 100% grass-fed
Total of 75-80 lbs packaged of variety of meats as listed above
Cost is $700