About Bluestone Ranch

Jennie & Leif of Bluestone Ranch, Sawyer, ND
Jennie & Leif of Bluestone Ranch, Sawyer, ND

Hi! We are Leif and Jennie Anderson; and together with our seven children, are the faces behind Bluestone Ranch.  Born and raised in North Dakota, we met at the age of seventeen, married at nineteen, and have been dreaming and living life together ever since. When we were 23 year olds, we started a construction company, Bluestone Construction Inc. We have been building a progressive excavating business ever since. However, our ultimate goal was to build a home in the country in which to raise their family, and it is truly the most rewarding experience of all. Thus Bluestone Ranch sprung to life in 2012, and has been growing ever since. We have a passion for quality, naturally-raised foods, and working alongside our children. Farm life really is the best life!

Bluestone Ranch Animals

We occasionally have registered and non-registered stock for sale. Contact us if you are interested, or check out our products page to look at available livestock.

Bluestone Ranch 100% Grass-Fed Beef

That’s right, our beef is 100% grass-fed! Our cows eat quality hay in the winter and are out on green pasture all spring and summer. They have scenic hills with running water to graze in; and are quite happy. We feed them a “treat” which consists of an organic custom mix of barley, oats, wheat, flaxseed, and molasses. They have access to minerals year round. 

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