Bulk Pork Information

Here is a rough break down of what you might expect in a half a pig share.

1/2 of Pork: ~70 to 100 lbs hanging weight will yield approximately 60-70 lbs of pork and will take up about 3 cu ft of freezer space. This is an estimation… all hogs will vary in weights and dress out a little differently. You can choose a lighter or heavier weight based on your needs.

Half a hog will yield approximately 12 lbs pork chops, 3 lbs spareribs, 9 lbs ground pork/sausage, 12 lbs ham, 8 lbs bacon, 15 lbs shoulder/butt, 5 lbs stew bones, 10 lbs fat for rendering. You can request tenderloin or cottage (shoulder cut) bacon, hocks for soup, etc. A typical pig will yield 60 to 70 pounds of cuts.

More information on pastured pig pricing can be found here

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