Mangalitsa Piglets Deposit


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We offer a variety of colors; utilizing all the colors in our breeding program. We have pure reds, swallow belly x red, blonde x reds, and pure blondes (coming soon).

Crossing colors is a good choice in the United States, as the gene pool is very small and the Mangalitsa is becoming inbred quickly. Introducing red genetics from these recent imports ensures against inbreeding and results in a faster-growing animal. We have been very pleased with our cross-colors (and YES! they are still considered pure Mangalitsa regardless of the color crossing).

November 2019 Red x Blondes: Barrows only available from this litter. $250

December 2018 Hungarian Reds: Pure reds with lineage. Boars and gilts available. Litter size was 11. $1800

June 2019 Hungarian Red boar x Blonde – These strawberry blondes will be really nice addition to your breeding stock. They are from very fertile and productive lines and grow nicely. $500 for breeders; $175 for weaned feeders.

June 2019 Swallowbelly x Red– Striking cross producing blacks with red bellies. $600 for breeders; $175 for weaned feeders.

June 2019 Hungarian Red boar x Hungarian Red– These pigs come with lineage certificates. Excellent stock from Tim Winklers that are very close to imports; their ancestors in Hungary are only a few generations back. $1800

Discounts given to groups, just inquire. $200 non-refundable deposit holds your choice of gender from your choice of litter.