DEPOSIT: AHCA 2017 Bluestone’s Miss Fanny

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Registration # 57546

Big Ridge Drummond (black) x Sayre Farms Miss May (dun) pictured

Yellow cow

Friendly cow, easy birthing, great mother. Gentle, likes treats and brushing. Had a great black heifer calf in 2019 and we gave her a year off to regain body condition as she was bred young and got thin nursing her calf. Fanny is a moderately sized cow; not large and not small. Would love to see her go somewhere with green grass! Exposed to white bull Trafalgar Blain beginning June 1 but sells as open/ready to breed. 

Selling due to extreme drought.

Priced at $3,500. 

This is a deposit for Fanny; check or cash (or credit card add a 3% fee) accepted for balance. Can hold for 30 days (longer if necessary) but must have arrangements.