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We are excited to be a breeder of the rare Mangalitsa pig. We sought out this breed for the meat quality and hardiness. It is truly a chef’s delight! Beautiful red meat, marbled and capped with amazing white fat. In the winter of 2017, we brought a red breeding pair to our ranch from California. This was offspring of recently imported Hungarian stock.

A downpayment holds a specific piglet of your choice; the first to put money down gets first choice. Payment in full is required prior to shipping or upon pickup. Check, cash, credit card is accepted. All shipped piglets will have health certificates.

Currently Available:

December 2017 Purebred Hungarian Reds! We are one of the very few breeders in the United States with these. December 2017 Gilts and boars available. We do not have the genetic variety to offer unrelated breeding pairs at this time. We can however, point you to a breeder who does! $1900. Will help arrange shipping beginning in early February when pigs are 8-10 weeks old. Will have health certificate, USDA ear tag, and backed by our breeding replacement guarantee. Parents have lineage certificates, so when a registry is formed in the USA it will be simple to register them and their offspring. Good discounts on multiple piglets!

The deposit for a Hungarian red Mangalitsa piglet is $300. The cost is $1900 for either a breeding gilt or boar. We do not offer unrelated pairs at this time. We can, however offer an unrelated blonde or swallow belly from time to time. Barrows cost just $275. Only one gilt available!

December 2017 Hungarian Red boar x Purebred Blonde – This sow is on her second litter. Her first litter was 10 piglets, and this litter is the same! What a nice size for a Mangalitsa. She is a great mother as well. These are going to be strawberry blonde. Priced at $500 for breeding gilt or boar, $250 for barrow.

December 2017 Hungarian Red boar x Purebred Swallowbelly– This sow is also on her second litter, and had a bustling litter of 12! Amazing litter size for the Mangalitsa. The coloring on these are black with red bellies, as well as typical swallow belly (black with tan bellies) and some reds. Priced at $500 for breeding gilt or boar, $250 for barrow.

Here’s a bit more info about the Mangalitsa: