Highland 4H or Feeder Steers *Deposit*




Purebred Highland steers

This listing is for a deposit on a steer. Pricing varies, see below.

600-1000 pound sizes available

No troublesome or high-headed, naughty steers are sold… we want you to enjoy your animal.

Raised on mother’s milk and grass or quality hay in winter seasons plus free-choice minerals.

No hormones or antibiotics. They are given a 7-way vaccine with tetanus at castrating time and dewormed in the spring and fall.

Finish out however you’d like! Best beef in the world!

Halter-trailed steers are also available for 4H projects. If you’re looking for a docile pet (that you can eat when the time arrives) just ask. Our kids are up to the task of training calves to be good citizens.

We breed for docility and BEEF- no scrawny steers that take 4 years to finish out on pasture. Good genetics and low-stress handling make a difference!

Pricing varies depending on weight, weaned steers start at $800, pet-quality or 4H for 1,000. Two-year old steers $1,500. Finished fat steers $2400 (sold out through June 2023) Crossbreds available as well, please inquire!