SOLD AHCA Heifer {Bluestone’s C U Later Alligator}




This was a top pick for 2022 heifers! Super dark red.

Born 05/20/2022

Midway Meadows Jax x Windermere C U Later

This is an incredible heifer. She is the flightiest and least trusting of the heifer bunch. We have tried to turn her into a well behaved, halter trained citizen but she would rather just be a cow! We have her priced lower for this reason. She is not aggressive or completely insane, but she is watchful and doesn’t like being singled out. She would do best in a larger herd as a brood cow and will certainly produce knockout calves.

If you want a pet, this isn’t the one. But check out her genetics & the way she looks… wow! 

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