Fertile Hatching Eggs – Rainbow Mix


Fertile hatching eggs!

Our stock is not hatchery stock, but rather from quality breeders. We have a Black Copper Marans rooster over Blue Copper Marans, Welsummers, and Olive Eggers. These chicks will be Marans & dark Olive Egger chicks. In the other two pens, we have Cream Legbar roosters over white leghorns, cream legbar hens, and a variety of hens. The eggs from these pens will hatch into  super blue egg layers, as well as green and blue egg layers.

Fertile hatching eggs are selected from clean eggs only as we do not like to wash the ‘bloom’ away from the shell. We are very careful in the storage and rotate the eggs so the air cell does not stick. Eggs will all be collected within a week and will have excellent fertility! No guarantee on hatching rates as we cannot control the variables in your incubator – but we have very good hatches.

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